10 in the BIN


At a recent football match two players heard the referee’s……

At a recent football match two players heard the referee’s call 10 IN THE BIN

Question: Did they know and understand the rules?   I believe YES

Question: Did they play to the rules in the eyes of the referee? I believe NO

His call “Professional fowl: 10 in the BIN”


Our Football Teams are professionals and to maintain the winning edge they need to train, and perform to gain the reward.


  • Train to ensure their fitness level is maintained
  • Train to improve their skills and abilities
  • Train to ensure their interpretation of the rules and regulations does not land them with 10 IN THE BIN!!!


  • Demonstrate their training has developed their fitness levels so they can perform to create a winning edge
  • Demonstrate their improved skills and abilities to create the winning edge
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the rules and their compliance to ensure they do not receive the ref’s call 10 IN THE BIN!!!


  • Crowd and fan recognition of their winning achievement
  • To be known as the champions in their own right and the winners of the shield
  • Financial recognition for their skills and abilities and opportunities to perform on the state and world scene.

As professionals in the construction industry we need to maintain a winning edge. This is achieved as we Train and Perform our duties in the same professional manner as our football teams and we can achieve a Reward for our efforts.


  • Train to ensure we are physical fit and prepared to complete our duties each dayin a professional manner.
  • Train to improve our skills and abilities.
  • Consider the work opportunities as you develop your skills. (Work at heights accredited, licensed to operate boom lift and scissor lift, licensed to operate a material hoist, licensed to act as traffic controller, Leading hand or Supervisor
  • Develop your skills and be able to demonstrate safe working practice to operate plant and machinery. (Earthmoving equipment, electrical tools such as angle grinders, kanga hammers, electrical wood working tools)
  • Develop our understanding of the WHS Act and Regulation 2011.
  • Learn how to apply the Codes of Practice relevant to our trades and skills
  • Understand the safe work procedures for our work site.


  • Perform our duties in a safe and productive manner.
  • Demonstrate our improved skills and abilities
  • Demonstrate our understanding of the Act and Regulations by complying and ensuring our work area is safe.

Ensuring we meet these expectations, guarantee’s that we will never hear the the inspector’s call: 10 IN THE BIN.


  • Greater Job satisfaction.
  • Known for your new skills and abilities and ensuring our continued employment.
  • Greater financial reward through continued employment and consideration for promotion

Let each one of us commit ourselves to train and perform our duties to the best of our ability and we will receive a greater reward because of our diligence.


Should you wish to explore these possibilities talk to Your Specialist Consultant or Your Safety Consultant, as I know they can assist in achieving your ambitions.

Rusty – Your Safety Consultant – August 2016


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