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Your Labour Hire Recruitment – Helpful hints for Candidates The……

Your Labour Hire Recruitment – Helpful hints for Candidates

The construction labour hire business is a fast paced relentless industry where relationships between labour hire companies and candidates can be built and demolished within the same day, preparation and consistent honest feedback is the key to you being able to find continuous quality roles with your recruiter.

Before You meet

This is paramount from the start of the recruitment relationship, not knowing what jobs you have applied for or who you have applied with, will give your potential recruiter a dubious impression on your desire to work for them and their client from the outset “Saying you are willing to do anything isn’t helpful” I have worked in the industry for the last 16 years, not one of my clients has asked for someone who can do anything.

Interview Day

Ensure you know where the office is and nearest public transport stops and car parks are, calling up 1 minute before your interview time is not conducive to a good start.  Don’t forget to ask your recruiter this information before your interview time and date if they haven’t given you instructions beforehand.

Ensure you bring all relevant paperwork or all paperwork is completed and you take your construction cards and ID.  Stating you forgot them is again giving your recruiter the wrong impression.

Ask questions, find out the history of the labour hire company, who they work with, how many people they have working for them and what safety procedures they have in place.

Completing online forms/paperwork

Whatever you do, do not treat any labour hire companies’ paperwork as a tick and flick exercise. All documents that are presented to you either face to face or online are designed to gather the relevant information to get you to work and more importantly keep you save whilst at work.

Show interest

Due to the nature of our business some candidates tar all agencies with the same brush and again only attend interviews for tick and flick reasons.  If you are genuinely interested and show willing, that vibe will be picked up by your recruiter and they will be more inclined to put you out with their clients.


Ensure you stay in contact with your recruiter, informing them of your availability for that day and or week.

Constant feedback, don’t be afraid to question your recruiter on what they have done for you in respect to finding you work.

If your details change, ensure your recruiter is aware

Starting a job

Your recruiter should give you verbal and written information on your proposed job, this should include important information from duration, client name, contact, start time, PPE requirement, type of site etc.

If you take the job, TURN UP.  You need to be honest if you can’t do the job tell your recruiter.

Take all PPE with you, forgetting PPE is not an option

Ensure you know where you are going, being late, could mean you miss out, most sites have dedicated times for inductions

Don’t arrive tired or looking like you have just got out of bed, who knows this could be your next big break

On-going Recruiter-candidate relationship

Ensure you stay in contact with your recruiter giving regular feedback on progress, your recruiter will make regular contact with yourself ensuring all is going well and you feel safe on site

Honesty and integrity is the main staple of any relationship, if you are not enjoying a role, ensure this is communicated, don’t just walk off site.

Ensure you are happy with all processes with both your client and recruiter

Don’t be complacent, you are being paid to do a job.

Stay busy, don’t stand around


– Do give honest feedback on site
– Don’t say one thing to the client and another to your recruiter
– Do Ensure you report any health and safety issues
– Don’t break, bend or circumvent any OH&S guidelines
– Do turn up on time and work hard
– Don’t turn up late and expect this to be OK
– Do have honest communication with your recruiter, if you can’t work a day explain to your recruiter they will find cover for the day
– Don’t send the client or recruiter a text message saying that you can’t make it in on the day you are due to start

Overall please remember that your recruiter is there to ensure they find you suitable safe work that will enable you to earn money, gain experience and better your life, please remember that it takes a lot of time to build relationships with client.  Poor workmanship, lying, not turning up has detrimental consequences for their relationships.

Ensure your recruiter is giving you the information you need to complete your job safely and that you are aware of the role you are going into.

Following these simple steps, will help you build a strong relationship with your recruiter and with clients throughout your location, remember it’s all about You at Your Trades, to join us and work with some of South East Queensland’s biggest and most reputable companies call our offices today.

Good luck and be safe!

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