Tips For Working with People You Don’t Get Along With

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As much as we would like to avoid it, the reality of work is that you will end up in jobs with people you don’t always get along with. This is especially true in temp jobs, where you often work with a wide number of people in many different roles, over a short period of time.


In a construction job or labouring job, it is inevitable that you will experience personality clashes at work – but you don’t have to let it ruin the experience. In this blog, we explore some tips for working with people you don’t like that will help you have a better time on the job.

Find Common Ground with Them

Although you might feel that it’s difficult to talk to someone you don’t get along with, it can be one of the best ways of creating a more positive work environment. No matter the job or who you’re working with, you can always figure out some common topics to share with your colleagues.


These might be things like shared interests or hobbies, sports teams that you support, or similar life experiences.


Whatever it is, the only way you’ll find out what they are and can start building a bond is to talk with your co-workers. Ask them about their life and where they grew up, what sports they play and what they like to do in their spare time. You might be surprised and learn that you have more in common than you first thought.

See if You Can Learn From Them

Sometimes it is the way that people work, rather than anything they do, which can make it difficult to get along with them. In cases like this, the best way of improving your relationship with a co-worker is to try to learn from their approach – or at least see things from their point of view.


In construction jobs or labouring jobs, the nature of the work can cause co-workers to seem more abrupt than usual. Instead of viewing this as them being impolite, try to look at it instead as them demanding high standards from those they work with. Someone that is always cracking jokes might seem unfocused to you but they could be trying to bring humour to the job site and relieve some tension during a stressful period.


In each case, don’t forget that everyone has their own strengths that they bring to a job. You may struggle to see these at first but by taking the time to look beyond their behaviour and analyse what motivates them, you could learn something that makes you a better worker.

Reflect on Your Actions

Sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge the role we play in our relationships and this is true even at work. It’s all too easy to assume the fault lies with someone else – after all, if they weren’t doing anything wrong then there wouldn’t be a problem, right?


But in any relationship, work or otherwise, it takes two people to create a problem. Ask yourself, is there something you are doing that makes it hard to get along with a co-worker? Are you impatient or unforgiving? Do you get frustrated easily or hold a grudge?


It can be hard but being honest with yourself about how you contribute to the issue can help you to develop steps towards improving the situation of working alongside people you don’t like. Before you start pointing the finger, take a moment to see if there is something you can be doing to be effective.


Dealing with personality clashes at work is one of the most difficult aspects of any job, but there are ways to resolve it. Opening a dialogue and trying to find common ground with a co-worker, making an effort to learn from them and their approach, and being honest with yourself about how you contribute to the tension are all fantastic steps that you can take towards resolving the situation.


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